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My Weight Gain Experience

It Took Me 5 Years

Women across the world frequently share their weight loss struggle, weight loss journey and then their weight loss success. Before and after photos are all over social media to prove it. Basically,if you don't post it, it didnt happen. There are many reasons why women lose weight, more often it's following teenage weight gain or pregnancy and child birth; but whatever the reason may be, it’s all a very personal and individual process. No two women are physically the same and that’s why I want to share my journey and a struggle I have had with weight.

My journey started 5 years ago. When I look back now, it seems like just yesterday, but over the past 5 years, my journey has been the complete opposite to many women, but I have struggled all the same. In August 2015, I lost my little sister. I recently shared my loss in a vlog on the K London YouTube channel and stated that I never really talk about her passing. I dedicated my first book, Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration to her, I spoke about losing her when I was interviewed on a London based radio station back in early 2017, I’ve done little tributes, but nothing major. So, sharing the impact losing her had on my body is a big step for me. Almost immediately after her passing, I woke up and I had dropped in weight. I never really kept track of my weight before this period, I just knew that as long as my clothes fit me and I was able to fit in new size 8/10 clothes; I was good. A few other things happened to me physically, all of which rectified themselves, but regaining the weight I had dropped overnight wasn’t that easy.

I share regularly on my YouTube channel that I am a Pescatarian. I’m also allergic to dairy products and so that is where the difficulty comes in. With my diet being so restricted, I have to watch what I eat like a hawk. I have to read all of the ingredients, I have to cook a lot of things at home from scratch and by the grace of God that means I'm healthy, but it also means that I don't put on weight. My health came before thick thighs and junk in the trunk, but I really wasn't happy with my weight. I couldn't fit in any of my clothes, my head looked too big for my body, I didn't want to buy smaller clothes, I didn't really want to take any photos and me shying away from the camera was unheard of. I continued to film for my Youtube channel because you couldn't really see how much weight I had lost when it started getting cold in the UK and I had 100 layers on, but still I wasn't happy. I was treated badly by Managers at the company I worked for because I couldn't fit in my work clothes and had to wear the smallest black Levi jeans I had, coupled with my usual shirts, waistcoats blazers and ties. Trust me when I say losing weight was a nightmare, but losing my little sister was an even bigger one.

Back in October 2014, I bought a pair of scales so I could weigh my suitcase before travelling to Florida. I hadn't weighed myself for years and even with these scales in my bedroom, I still didn't weigh myself. I weighed my packed suitcase and then took the batteries out. The first time I weighed myself was just over a year after my whole world crumbled because I noticed that I wasn't putting on any weight. Another winter was coming and this "Skinny Mini" (like my big sister calls me) was going to suffer with no insulation on my body. I was literally skin and bone in my clothes and no matter how much layers I put on; I was still cold. On September 1st 2016, I took out that very brand new scale, put the batteries in, stood on the cold glass and weighed myself. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and then looked down. I was 113lbs which is 8:1 1/4 stones. I wrote on the page in a notebook "Kayisha Weight Journey" below that I underlined Once A Week and then I wrote "Lord, help me put on weight in the right places please. Amen!" This was a very sincere prayer. I was skinny all over but I didn't want unhealthy fat, I didn't want fat around my heart, fat in my arteries etc etc. I wanted healthy fat and healthy weight gain.

The journey officially began there. I weighed myself once a week. Give or take a few days and then sometimes I took a longer break because sometimes the results were disheartening. Sometimes I put on weight and then sometimes I lost it and I felt like I was going backwards. I did everything I could, and those closest to me kept saying, "You need to eat more!" It was frustrating. In 2017, I put on a few pounds and I was happy, I was making progress and the funny thing is, I love food but no matter what; it just wouldn't stick. BUT WAIT, as 2017 came to an end I had reached 122lbs. The New Year came and after all I had eaten for Christmas and New Year's Eve (trust me, I ate a lot) I was a whopping 127lbs which is 9:1 1/4. That was the most I had been since August 2015. I kept recording but it wasn't every week. I had to stop focusing on the number on the scale and just focus on feeling healthy and happy.

I'm so pleased to say that on the evening of August 15th 2020, I weighed myself for the first time in 4 months. The first time since the global pandemic and lockdown and I was/ am 133lbs. 9:7 stones. I couldn't believe it. It took me 5 whole years to put on 20lbs. My sister said "4lbs each year!" and she's not quite right but it was a struggle. Below I share some of the things I did and even though I did these things, I didn't see immediate results. I had to be consistent.


Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Always include fruits and vegetables in your meals.

Snack healthily.

Drink water - at least 2000ml/ 2 litres a day.

Make smoothie recipes.

Exercise regularly.

Get good sleep, at least 8 hours a day.

Stay positive. Rebuke all negative thoughts and reduce stress.

Dress comfortably for your current weight.

Eat bigger portions ( Don't overeat, but increase the portions to up your calorie intake).

Carry healthy snacks with you when you're on the go so you don't to eat takeaway or wait too long to eat.

Discuss your goal with the people closest to you.

Pray about your physical concerns, God cares about what bothers you.

Take multivitamins daily to increase your consumption of beneficial vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Sometimes it seemed like the older I got (I'm 30 years old now), the faster my metabolism got and that meant I needed to take in more calories to maintain my weight. I feel like I'm at the right weight for my height and my build now. I'm petite, I'm 5ft 3 inches, so now my challenge is to maintain this weight, stay fit, healthy and be happy. I'll probably still be cold during winter 2020 BUT at least I'm back to being able to fit in my size 8/10 clothes. And that's with the exception of some size 6 things that still fit me. I really hope this has helped someoone. I know this is the complete opposite to the normal weight struggles, but it's just as real. Please share some weight gain or weight maintenance tips with me. I'd love to know what you do and it will help others.

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