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Kayisha Thomas Author Library

Thoughts Of A Chaotic Figurative Fiery Mind

Shani Miller and Co-Author Kayisha Thomas

An incredible collection of literary works, poems, short stories, songs and sketches by the super talented, Shani Miller. It features heart tugging, thought provoking excerpts by different Authors and Artists who have been inspired by the life of Shani in many ways. Co-author, Kayisha Thomas has created a compilation of works of art and literature in a way that will feed your soul. She brings together an assortment of things that express love and happiness, grief and sadness, creativity and positivity and life and death. She invited the contributors to submit a piece, with no rules and structures, limits or boxes, and as a result, all have looked deep within and produced a fraction of perfection. The pages are full of sentiments that only a poem can express, memories that will build bridges and imagery that bring the book to life. Get ready for poetry and passion, art and heart.
A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Starlight Children's Foundation, each year on December 18th (Shani's birthday). The book features a story of how Starlight brought one of Shani's dreams to reality, and really impacted her life. It's only right that we give back to them, and help them to continue delivering happiness to other seriously ill children and their families.

Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is

Was no:3 and no:4 in the UK on Amazon in Action & Adventure 

Short Stories during Black History Month 2019 and 2020

When twins, Zurie and Zaria wake up for their first day of high school, they have no idea that their journey to find love also begins. As fraternal twins, they do everything together, but discovering the meaning of love and deciding to be love in the world wasn't a part of their plan. All in one day, they experience love in different forms and after a successful day at school, they're eager to go home and say "Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is" Join Zurie (brother) and Zaria (sister) on their journey to find love. 

Perfect for 11 - 13 year olds, and adults because love has no age limit. It doesn't end there! There is fun and interactive content - a word search, a letter to love, a challenge and a language lesson in love. It's never too late or too early to know what love is! *Comes with a themed bookmark and a pencil to complete activities - KO Store ONLY!*

Watch the official Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is fun trailer on YouTube

we know what love is tshirt.jpg

Zurie and Zaria, We Know What Love Is t-shirts and hoodies are also available, so place your order today and get your t-shirt or hoody in white. There's a stylish heart and a super star design to choose from.  It's time we all knew what love is, and fashion makes the best statement. 

Click ORDER T-SHIRT to visit the Sophisticated K Tees store. Stop by Zurie and Zaria's Instagram to see other boys and girls in their t-shirts. Then tag @ZurieandZaria in your photos on Instagram because we'd love to see you in yours.

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OOFAI B&W book cover.jpg

Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration
Black And White Edition

Here's the Black And White Edition of her already successful debut book, Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration. This book will inject positivity, joy and wisdom into your life with teaspoons of faith and inspiration; whether you decide to read it as daily devotionals, or page after page. The prayer, challenge, key points, illustrations and pages of faith and inspiration are guaranteed to elevate your life to new levels and give you high hopes for your future and that of those around you. The pages have been graced with black and white, hand drawn sketches by Kayisha herself. Released on Friday 17th August 2018, it's also available worldwide on Amazon.

Watch the Black And White Edition trailer video on YouTube.

Measures Of Purpose In Life

Was no:1 in Germany and no:5 on in Women & Business Easter 2018

Measures Of Purpose In Life will help you find the treasure within, eradicate fear, embrace change and assist you with moving forward into your destiny. The eBook was released on February 26th 2018, Kayisha's birthday. Now available in print as a result of many requests from loyal readers.

You were born with a purpose, you may not know what it is at this precise moment; but with 3 easy questions, Kayisha will help you work it out. Following that, true life stories, tips, hints, photos, quotes and key points will get you on the road to living your purpose. Put your seat belt on, the ride is exciting!

Watch the official trailer video on YouTube.

Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration will multiply your faith and be a source of inspiration for years after you initially read it. Need a book to help you through the challenges you face in life, strengthen your relationships, stop you from going insane, and move towards your ultimate goal of achieving success in life and business? This will elevate you to new levels!

Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration is medium sized, but very powerful and full of positive, uplifting affirmations. 

We know that a single quote can change your life, but this whole book is devoted to building your faith, inspiring you and moving you towards a brighter life. If you need a quick pick me up, you'll be on your way skipping and hopping!  They are quotes to live by.

Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration

Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration

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