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Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is

Was no:3 in the UK on Amazon.co.uk in Action & Adventure Short Stories 

during Black History Month 2019

When twins, Zurie and Zaria wake up for their first day of high school, they have no idea that their journey to find love also begins. As fraternal twins, they do everything together, but discovering the meaning of love and deciding to be love in the world wasn't a part of their plan. All in one day, they experience love in different forms and after a successful day at school, their eager to go home and say "Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is" Join Zurie (brother) and Zaria (sister) on their journey to find love. 

Perfect for 11 - 13 year olds, and adults because love has no age limit. It doesn't end there! There is fun and interactive content - a word search, a letter to love, a challenge and a language lesson in love. It's never too late or too early to know what love is!

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Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration
Black And White Edition

Here's the Black And White Edition of her already successful debut book, Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration. This book will inject positivity, joy and wisdom into your life with teaspoons of faith and inspiration; whether you decide to read it as daily devotionals, or page after page. The prayer, challenge, key points, illustrations and pages of faith and inspiration are guaranteed to elevate your life to new levels and give you high hopes for your future and that of those around you. The pages have been graced with black and white, hand drawn sketches by Kayisha herself. Released on Friday 17th August 2018, it's also available worldwide on Amazon.

Measures Of Purpose In Life

Measures Of Purpose In Life will help you find the treasure within, eradicate fear, embrace change and assist you with moving forward into your destiny. The eBook was released on February 26th 2018, Kayisha's birthday. Now available in print as a result of many requests.
You were born with a purpose, you may not know what it is at this precise moment; but with 3 easy questions, Kayisha will help you work it out. Following that, true life stories, tips, hints, photos, quotes and key points will get you on the road to living your purpose. Put your seat belt on, the ride is exciting!

Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration   


Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration will multiply your faith and be a source of inspiration for years after you initially read it. 

Need a book to help you through the challenges you face in life, and relationships, stop you from going insane, and help you move towards your ultimate goal of achieving success in life and business? This will elevate you to new levels!

Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration  


Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration is medium sized, but a very powerful book, full of positive quotes and uplifting affirmations. 

We all know that a single quote can change your life, but this whole book is devoted to building your faith, inspiring you daily and moving you towards a brighter life. If a quick pick me up is all you need, you'll be on your way skipping and hopping!



Writing these books changed my life. Kayisha said. Here's how they have impacted my readers.

Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration

Chief Executive Officer
"This book will give you an optimistic view of life and a confidence, coupled with faith because God is speaking through it."

"This is an amazing book! If anyone out there has felt like things aren't working out for them or they feel like giving up; they deffo need to read Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration for an uplift."

"I started reading this book, a little each night, and it's given me an uplift. I'm quite amazed with the quotes and positive thinking towards life coming from a young woman. Keep up the good work with the grace of God."

"The first chapter of Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration drew me in. It called to me as it was about being a parent and children. It made me realise that this book will show me the right path."

Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration

Marketing Director
"I absolutely love the collection of quotes."

"The quotes are so inspirational, after reading them I gave my copy to my daughter."

"WOW! The quotes are amazing and so inspirational. Each one talked to us, took us away and made us think more and more. Thank You!"
Jason and Julie

The quotes are so powerful and some of them make me laugh with joy."

Measures Of Purpose In Life

HR manager
"Measures Of Purpose In Life was a great read. It made me think differently about how I make decisions. It was all good."

"I felt the realism of Measures Of Purpose In Life. It is proof that we are all looking for, that we all mess up and it's fine. So stop beating yourself up and get back on track. This book provides thoughtful and practical advice, written by a woman with a unique insight to the way of life and finding one's sense of purpose."

"Measures Of Purpose In Life is a great read. It's very encouraging and uplifting, but also allows you to think as you read. It's a great read to find motivation and it will leave you wanting to go forth into living in your purpose."




"Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration has taught me how to deal with day to day situations and how to develop and keep the faith"
Joan - London, UK
"I bought a copy of Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration in July 2017 and was amazed. I met a newly baptised young lady who I felt called to get a copy for. She has since told me that it's guiding her on her journey of faith."
Frieda - Nottingham, UK

"This was a well written book (Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration) considering it was the Author's first book. I found it to be filled with uplifting quotes which enhance one's morale to embark on life's challenges."
Dave - Montreal, Canada