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Women Can FLY - Keep Breathing on Netflix

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

"There are NO limits to what we (women) can do"

This week I started watching a LIMITED SERIES on Netflix called Keep Breathing, and even with the movie logline/ description, I didn't know what I was really in for. That's kind of the way life is. God doesn't reveal it all, so we have to go with the flow and have FAITH. I don’t do spoilers, so I’m not going to give the plot away, because I would love you to watch it if you have access to a Netflix account. It was only 6 episodes long, but it was so impactful, it showed me a few things. When I say it showed me, I think it actually just confirmed a few things and reiterated what I already know to be true of the female species. For any men reading this, sit tight and read this to the end because hopefully you have a new found respect and appreciation for the women in your life/ and around the world once I’m done.

The image above is of me flying through the clouds, and I believe that to be true for women. We don’t have wings that you can see, but we can fly. We can excel, we are super, we are bold and assertive. We can do great things, we are powerful, we are successful and inspirational. We are amazing and valuable. We exceed the expectations put on us because we are women and most of the time we are smaller in stature than our male counterparts. But really, we are champions and superstars. We are overachievers, we are valuable, beautiful and strong ALL AT THE SAME TIME! We are nurturers and creators, we carry a whole new human being inside of us, raise that human to be great, fight, pray and go to war for our loved ones. We stand up for what’s right, we are talented and creative, we are smart, blessed and highly favoured.

We were made in such an incredible way, our bodies are still a mystery to medical professionals, we are wise and intelligent, we are excellent and we go after what we want. If go getter was an emoji, it would be a group of women. We are experienced, passionate and winners. Not by default because we work hard for what we want and work hard for the title, but we are WINNERS! We are confident and focused, motivational and helpful. We are gentle and patient, hopeful and so much more. We build, we don't tear down, we elevate and entertain, we guide and protect; all whilst wearing an invisible crown. We are QUEENS!

The list can go on and on, but for now I hope you get the picture. We are clearly qualified for greatness, but whilst watching Keep Breathing, I realised that we go through A LOT! The character, Liv Rivera, played by Actress Melissa Barrera literally went to hell and back. But like most women IN REAL LIFE, she kept her head up, she didn’t quit and she came out victorious. I think the world would be in a better place if men treated women like they knew and understood this truth, and if ALL women acted like this was their truth. So much women have untapped potential, and so much men take the incredible women in their lives for granted. We have to do better for ourselves and for others. We have to remove the ego from the way we treat people/ women. And women have to have respect for themselves. I’d love to know your thoughts if you have already watched Keep Breathing, but also what you think about this topic. Feel free to leave a comment so we can interact.

P.S. I created the I Can Fly black and white image for the promo and countdown to the 4th anniversary of the release of my 4th book, Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration Black And White Edition. It was published on August 17th 2018 and each year I celebrate. Now I'm so glad that I created that image. It helped me to tie this all together, so I hope you have been inspired by this blog. Don't forget to share the link with your friends and family.

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