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Love Is A Verb

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and love, whether it's on February 14th or June 8th, October 17th or December 27th is a beautiful thing. Love is also a beautiful word and it's even more beautiful when you experience it in its fullness. When I got the idea to write a book for children about love, I was so pleased because love is so vast and I had found a way for children to relate to it. We normally think about love in regards to loving ourselves, loving our spouse, loving our country, loving our friends and family, loving food, loving sports, loving music, loving our cars and so much more. All of those things really are love (you feel a certain way about them), but we love those things in different ways.

As we get deeper into the notion of love, we think about God's type of love and that requires action, which is why I agree that Love is a verb. A verb is a doing thing! Through God, and His love for us, we are inspired to love others as His love overflows from our hearts. We are inspired to be kind, to put people before ourselves, to be gentle and patient, to forgive, to be generous and thoughtful, caring and a blessing. Those things are love in action.

Zurie and Zaria, the twins in my book, Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is discover what love is during their first day at high school. They're 11 year old, boy and girl twins and not only do they already love each other and love their parents, they learn that love is present and demonstrated in many different ways in the world. Following their first day at high school, they run home eager to say “Mum and Dad, we know what love is!” and that is exactly what they do.

When writing Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is, I wanted to make sure that the love the parents felt for the twins was felt too. I’m not a mum yet, although I’m a god mother and an aunty; and I know the love of a mother and father supersedes all types of love. This was so evident in a post on Alicia Keys’ Instagram for her son's birthday where she said “Look at you. You are magnificence personified! Your spirit is unmissable! You are unforgettable! Thank you for the raw honesty and fun you bring into our lives, the strength and clarity of character you walk with. May you always be who you are and never bend or switch or change for the comfort of anyone except yourself! Keep following your star young king. I cant wait to see where it takes us. You are loved endlessly. Happy Born Day Genesis!!

So, my mission is to spread love in a very active way. If you want to join me, get your copy of Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is on Amazon, Kindle or the books page of this website (Kayisha Online). Gift it to your child/ children or a child you know so that they can know what love is too. Valentine's Day is on the way and it's the perfect way to send a little love their way. Thank you in advance for helping me spread love. My mission is not impossible! #MissionNotImpossible

Oh and P.S. Check out the book trailer, it's innocent, natural, unproduced and spontaneous.

That's my nephew, Actor Shaqai White and I'm pleased to say that he knows what love is.

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