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Measures Of Purpose In Life

Measures Of Purpose In Life will help you find the treasure within, eradicate fear, embrace change and assist you with moving forward into your destiny. The eBook was released on February 26th 2018, Kayisha's birthday. Now available in print as a result of many requests.

You were born with a purpose, you may not know what it is; but with 3 easy questions, Kayisha will help you work it out. Following that, true life stories, tips, hints, photos, quotes and key points will get you on the road to living your purpose. Put your seat belt on, the ride is exciting!

Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration   


Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration will multiply your faith and be a source of inspiration for years after you initially read it. 

Need a book to help you through the challenges you face in parenthood, and relationships, stop you from going insane, and help you move towards your ultimate goal of achieving success in life and business?

Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration  


Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration is medium in size, but a very powerful book, full of positive quotes and uplifting affirmations. 

We all know that a single quote can change your life, but this whole book is devoted to building your faith, inspiring you daily and moving you towards a brighter life. If a quick pick me up is all you need, you'll be on your way skipping and hopping!