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FREE Book For Black History Month

Get Yourself a FREE ebook today!

It's Black History Month in the UK, but there's just a few days before the month comes to an end. As an Author of Colour, who loves celebrating Black History Month, I thought I would invite you and the children in your life to get a FREE copy of my children's book, Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is.

Get Your FREE Copy between 8:00am UK time 26th October - 8:00am UK time 28th October 2022.

As a Black Author, but also an Author of a children's book with Afro Caribbean/ Black Children who represent their culture, I traditionally use this month as an opportunity to bless people with a FREE copy of a book that is all about love. Something the world is in dire need of. Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is, is a story of Afro-Caribbean twins who not only start their first day of high school, they also go on a journey to find love. Following their discovery, they're eager to run home and say "Mum and Dad, we know what love is" Love, unity, motivation, determination, family, strength, victory and so much more are the soundtrack to Black History. If you read the biographies of people like Sarah Boone, Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglas those were the notes of their songs. They loved, they fought and they were persistent. I'm giving you this book because love sets you free, the twins have amazing characters, the story has the power to inspire and the pages have a touch of Bob Marley. I'm giving you this book because I want it to impact Black Now and Black Future. Make sure you grab your copy before the 48 hours are up and make sure you share the opportunity with your friends and family. Sharing is caring!

Visit the Amazon page (links below) and get your ebook copy from tomorrow. If you haven't got a Kindle device, download the Kindle app on your smart phone or tablet. Once you've read it, I would love to hear your feedback, leave a review on the Amazon page.

Happy Black History Month from Kayisha Thomas. Follow @ZurieandZaria the twin characters on Instagram to keep up with their journey. For more information, visit the books page on Kayisha Online

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