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Black Girl In Car YouTube Series

Black Girl In A Car Web Series - Party With Me

There's been a new video on the K London (previously known as Sophisticated K) YouTube channel every week since January 23rd 2015, but now there's a NEW series on the K London YouTube Channel. If you read that right and you're a human calculator, you would know that, that means there are more than 280 videos on my channel. When I say I'm committed, I am committed, but anyway, back to the series. There's a new series of videos on the K London YouTube Channel and it's called "Black Girl In A Car" and yes that Black girl is me - Kayisha aka K London!

The Black Girl In A Car Series is going to be a 4 part series. I've planned it all out very strategically and at the moment there are 3 videos in the playlist. That means we've already had 3 stops. The first was London, my beloved hometown, then it was a full blown, UK road trip and most recently a nationwide, gorgeous Florida roadtrip. I've been having fun posting these, editing these and getting you off of the sofa to go for a drive with me. Trust me, it's all love and all fun.

Back in 2018, my cousin sent me the above photo. She said "I saw this and thought of you." Now when I look back, it's actually the definition of the Black Girl In A Car Series.

So, make sure you subscribe and stay tuned for each stop. It is basically an ode to the phrase "Party In The Car". I have had my driving licence since I was 19 and I immediately made CDs so I could party in the car every time I went for a drive. This has to be my favourite thing to do, especially with the people I love.

Enjoy the series that has been motivated by the fact that we are in a global pandemic, on lockdown, in quarantine and social distancing. Although I'm back at work, aside from going to work, I only go out for essential trips like most people across the world. However, through this virtual reality that I have created, we can get out of the house and go for a drive around the world together.

All I ask is that you:-

*Get off the sofa

*Get in the car with me

*Put your seat belt on #SafetyFirst

*Share with your friends and family

*Leave a car emoji in the comments

And yeah, enjoy! 1Love KL xox

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