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4 Years Of My Author Life

Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration Is 4 Years Old

People always ask me if I have children, and at the moment my answer is NO! I don't have natural born children; I have a god daughter, nieces and nephews who I helped to raise, but no children of my own. When I think about it, I should actually start saying YES. They're not living, breathing eating babies, but my books are my children. I developed them, carried them to completion and then gave birth to them, and that's why today I am celebrating the release of Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration.

My book baby is 4 years old. On this day in November 2016, I released my first book to the world and I was literally in amazement when the first ever printed copy arrived at my house that morning. I was supposed to receive it before, but my initial foreword writer caused a delay, so it arrived on the day and I think it was actually perfect. It made the day even more special. I had accomplished something exceptional. I had written, designed, created and self-published an entire book; all at the age of 26.

It's been 4 years since all of this and the amount of doors that have opened, opportunities that have come my way, people that I have met, books I have signed and faith and inspiration that has been dished out because of this book is unreal. It started the journey of my Author life and there are absolutely no regrets. God chose me to bring faith and inspiration to the world through this book and I couldn't be more grateful. I incorporated my photography amongst the ounces of faith and inspiration, so you get coloured art amongst the words. Its the perfect mix of everything I love.

I haven't been able to produce a memory lane, flashback video for the Kayisha Online YouTube channel because my laptop had a slight hinge crack and I sent it away to be repaired on November 16th. I just got a text as I'm typing this to say "Great news! Job Complete" which is wonderful but that means no video until I go and pick it up and film something. What I want you to watch instead is my 1 Year Anniversary video. You'll see that my 1 year anniversary was marvelous so my 4 years have been amazing. STAY TUNED FOR THE VIDEO!

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