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Reading Takes You Far

So, the children of the world have all gone back to school and I'm happy for them. School is a major part of your childhood and adolescents and unfortunately, the result of the global pandemic was 6 months of no physical school. Yes, they had Zoom lessons, but it wasn't the same. Yes, they were homeschooled, but it still wasn't the same. So let's celebrate the children's return to school with 3 cheers.

3 Cheers Yayyyy!!!

My mum always tells me and other people about my childhood, and the fact that I never went to bed at night without reading a book. She also never forgets to share the fact that even though I was itching because of my Eczema, I always read a book at bedtime. I can proudly say that I think that pattern of behaviour has contributed to my life as it is now. I believe it contributed to my success as an Author but also as a Self-Employed/ Female Entrepreneur.

To this day I am an avid reader. I turned 30 at the start of 2020 (February 26th) and I still try to read at least 10 books a year. It's very unfortunate, but I don't personally know much people that aim to do that; nevertheless achieve that. As I write this, I'm reading my eleventh book of the year and so I'm head and on track to accomplishing my 12 books in a year reading challenge. I'm not saying that because I'm an avid reader and have been since I was a child that I am successful, but I can attribute some of my success to reading.

Reading night after night as a child increased my reading age, widened my vocabulary and heightened my desire for more knowledge. I have never been a massive TV lover. I enjoy watching things that teach me something, but more than that, I enjoy getting knowledge from books. As an Author, but also an avid reader, I am passionate about sharing the importance of reading with both adults and children. How can we learn, open our minds to new things, widen our perspectives, understand new notions and so on, if we never read and explore a range of books. In 2018, I started reading books with my nephew who was 11 years old. He either had a book that he told me to get, so I would order it, or I found a book that we should read together and got his copy sent to him. Also in 2018 I promised my God daughter that I would write a book that she could read. Those two things ignited a passion in me and then a family friend sent me a message that said there is a need for Black children's books and she thinks I'd be perfect for the task. Out of all of that came, "Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is" which is my first children's book. Black Children's Book might I add.

Zurie and Zaria go on an exciting adventure to not only start and settle into high school, they also go on a journey to find love. Now we all know that love is very vast but I wanted to introduce love to my young audience through different concepts. Zurie and Zaria, the fraternal twins experience love through music, nature, food, strangers, each other and their mum and dad. At the time of the story, Zurie and Zaria are 11 years old and I often wonder if I should create a series so my readers not only travel, but also grow with the twins. I'm going to think on that!

Zurie and Zaria are committed to spreading love, so get your copy of Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is on the Kayisha Online Book Store, Amazon or Kindle. All orders on the KO Book Store come with a bookmark and pencil to complete the activities. And don't forget to follow the twins on Instagram for ZZ Scenes, quotes, world event related posts, twining video clips, We Know What Love Is t-shirt fashion photos and so much more. Just search @ZurieandZaria.

After 5 days of being FREE on Amazon, Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is made it to the number 4 spot on the Amazon Best Sellers list. Such an accomplishment and even better, it means that more people are going to know what love is. Please share this post with friends and family to encourage more people (young and old) to start reading more books.

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