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What Is A Book Anniversary?

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Today is Wednesday 24th November 2021

Five years ago on this very day, Thursday 24th November 2016, I was over the moon, excited, elated and in disbelief that I had just released my first book to the world. I had just become a Published Author, a Self Published Author, a Writer and I was celebrating. I was so happy that I did it and I was looking forward to all of the many people that were going to read my words and be inspired and uplifted by them.

Through the writing and the creation, the release and the promotion of my new born baby, Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration something amazing happened. My relationship with God grew, my experience of His love got deep, my knowledge of the word of God extended, my wisdom increased, my regard for personal growth expanded (mine and yours) and the awareness of the influence I have on people grew. I had just published a book called Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration, a book that aimed to uplift and inspire people to greatness, to encourage self love and unselfish love, positivity, faith in God and the list goes on.

All of the things I aimed for this book to do, in 5 years it has done. It has traveled across the world, it has landed in the hands of people whose lives have been changed and in other hands that have opened doors for me to spread more messages of faith and inspiration. I can not wait for the next 5 years, the next 30 years and the lifetime.

So, what is a Book Anniversary? An anniversary is an astonishing achievement no matter what it's for... A business launch, relationship etc, an anniversary means longevity. In regards to my book, it is a celebration of the day my book came into the world. It's a celebration of all of the wonderful things it has achieved each year. It's a celebration of all the people that purchased it in the support of their personal growth, but also in support of my Author journey. It's just a MASSIVE celebration.

God is great for speaking to me and guiding me in the writing of this book. Glory, honour and praise to my Heavenly Father for giving me the ability to write, and the passion to write in this genre in order to inspire and motivate the people of the world.

I thank my family and friends for their support. It means so much that they came along side me on this journey, they show me that they're proud, their excited about my creations and they don't discourage me.

I thank my readers from the North, South, East and West. The UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia etc. It means the world to me that my words and passions are being received, and are impacting you and your loved ones. It means so much to me that you trusted me to guide you into faith and inspiration. God bless you.

As a result of Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration, I have spoken at a women's forum event, I have appeared on the radio, I have been on a Haitian TV network, I have spoken at a church conference in front of men, women and children, I have done book reading events and book signing events. Its been a marvelous 5 years.

To celebrate this very special day with me, watch the video below. I did a 1 year Happy Birthday Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration video in 2017.

There are so much more videos that capture the journey I have been on with this book, and like I said before, I'm looking forward to the next 5 years and the next 30 years. It started with this book, and now 5 years later, I have 5. I hope that encourages you. If you would like to get a copy, it is available on Amazon, Kindle and Kayisha Online.

Be Inspired! Be Creative! Be Assertive!

Kayisha Online

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