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Sparks Sunglasses Product Development and Innovation

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

As the owner of Sparks Sunglasses, it's my job to curate each sunglasses collection, it's my job to promote the collections, package up the orders and send them to my valuable customers. As the founder of Sparks Sunglasses, it's also my job to be creative, to be innovative and to develop NEW and exciting products. Because of that responsibility and the deep yearning desire I have had since June 2020, the Sparks Bright Glasses Cleaner is coming on May 19th 2022!

I'm so pleased to announce that I/ we/ Sparks Sunglasses will be releasing the Sparks Bright Glasses Cleaner on the 3rd Anniversary. I decided that it would be the perfect way to celebrate the 3 year milestone, so that's the day it becomes available on the market.


So, the countdown is officially ON, and in just a matter of days you will be able to order a bottle of our All Natural, Minty Fresh, safe and very effective glasses cleaner spray mist.


It smells amazing and guarantees Crystal Clear vision that assists with your efforts to love and protect your eyes. You know that's the aim of Sparks Sunglasses, along with being sunglasses to make you smile.


Browse the current ICONIC Limited Edition Collection and get FREE UK shipping. #sunglasses #eyewear #eyecare #newproduct #glassescleaner

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