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My Birthday Season Starts Today

For 8 years, I have been doing mini photoshoots to capture where I am in life, around the time of my birthday. I think the first photos I took in 2016 were just to say "Thank you" to everyone that had wished me a happy birthday on social media. I remember I was really skinny, but I did it again the year after with a bit more meat on my bones and it quickly became a tradition. That tradition continues as my 2023 birthday countdown starts, and each year I aim for the photos to be better than the year before.


This year I decided that each outfit needed to correlate with an area of my life, so today's photos (Monday 20th February 2023) are called Selfie Queen. The cute teddy bear on the t-shirt is taking a selfie quite like me every other day of the week.

Since mobile phones have had cameras, your girl has been a Selfie Queen. I've captured the best and worst moments in life like no one else that I know. It's a blessing and a curse sometimes, but I am a walking talking photo and video library which has its benefits. Good or bad periods, life is a journey and I'm extremely grateful to be counting down to my 33rd birthday with photos that freeze the moment and tell you a little something about me at the same time. I'm trying to think back, and I think my first camera phone was a blue Phillips phone on the Orange network. LOL!


If you haven't already noticed, I'm big on celebrating life and all of the big and small milestones, so more photos will follow and multiple variations of each day's photo will be on my many Instagram accounts. @KayishaOnline @kayishathomas @klondontv @sophisticatedktees @sparkssunglasses and @pcbphotography 🎈🎉 KO ⭐❤⭐


In today's photo I'm wearing the Ace shades by Sparks Sunglasses

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