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It's Summer Time To Read

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Summer Reading - 5 Book Recommendations

Shoutout to @Illustrations315 for this piece of art. I feel like it's me.

So, Summer is officially here and we absolutely deserve it. Spring didn't really spring, so we kind of leapt from Winter straight into Summer. It's cool, life is all about having a positive attitude, so let's just be grateful for the arrival of the highly desired season.

People in the UK have been eager for a bit of sun, and I’m one of those eager people. (You know I’m Bicoastal and love me some Sunshine State of Florida sun). We wait all Autumn and Winter LOOOOOOOOONG for the sun to come from behind the clouds, and when it actually starts making an appearance, the clothes come off, music starts blasting and the sunglasses come out.

If you plan to chill this Summer, enjoy the sunshine in a cool, calm and collected way, have a family picnic and spend days at the park; you can do that with a good book, two or three. If you don't have stacks of at home work to do, you have some time on your hands and one of your favourite past times is to read, I have 5 book suggestions for you. Reading keeps our brains active, it's a way to educate yourself, to build on your knowledge because knowledge is power and it helps to keep you positive! Reading has the power to assist you with all of that and I should know; I’m a 5x Published Author and I’m an avid reader. I normally try to read 12 books a year, but I have been so busy during the first half of this year that I have almost finished my 2nd book. You should see my face behind the screen, I will try again in 2023.

So, as you soak up a healthy amount of sun rays, and get much needed Vitamin D, which is essential for optimum health. I'd also say get a comfortable chair, place it in your garden, on your porch, balcony or rooftop and cosy up with your first book. Make sure you’re wearing Sparks Sunglasses to protect your eyes and sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s Ultraviolet rays. 10 – 30 minutes in the sun is sufficient, and if you’re reading any of the page turners I’m about to recommend, you can get through a book in no time.

1. Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration - Kayisha Thomas

Since this is my book, I figured I wouldn't review it myself, I'd let you read a review published on by one of my readers, so here goes "I found this book to be very uplifting and refreshing to read. The layout was very different to books that I have read in the past and that made it stand out. I like the way each section is headed, alternating between Faith and Inspiration. The photographs are excellent and really add to the book. They are nicely spread out throughout the book as well, providing little highlights as you read. Providing space to reflect and write notes is a really good idea and the homework task is a really positive challenge for the reader. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend others to read it."

2. The Power Of I Am - Joel Osteen

The Power of I am is a very uplifting book. Knowing and understanding the power of decreeing, declaring, affirming, saying and believing all of the great things that you are, is life changing. Joel gave great examples of things that I put into practice in my own life daily and I understand even more that life and death are in the power of your tongue. It's important that you speak what you want to happen in your life. Say I am wonderful, I am successful, I am rich; and that you will be, my friend.

3. Jump (Take The Leap Of Faith) - Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is like my virtual God father, that might sound crazy but I've got a lot of respect and appreciation for him, and this book confirms why. I think Jump is an exceptional book of honesty and realness. Steve is very open about his life experiences and how each one strengthened him and propelled him towards greater. He has shown that failure isn't the end and that the future holds great things if you have faith and you not only step but you JUMP. He's a brilliant example, very inspiring and I mean that in terms of life, family, relationships, education and your career. It's definitely worth reading.

4. Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon

I've lived with allergies all my life, as a result of having Eczema and reading this book/ story I found it interesting and relatable. I read it with my young nephew who also has allergies. It's definitely a page turner and suitable for any age. I was 29 reading it and my nephew was 12. This book will give you a new appreciation for life and health, especially if you have no allergies at all. Last but not least, there's a movie and I have got to watch it at some point.

5. Angel Armies - Tim Sheets

This book is amazing! It lit a fire in my life, increased my faith and showed me how to activate the Angels that have already been sent on an assignment for my life. It will strengthen your faith without a doubt, open your eyes and give you a new level of wisdom. God's Angel Army is bigger and stronger than the opposing side, so don't feed into it with negativity. Activate your angels and be blessed. I will re-read this book many times.

These are all books that I have read, loved and recommended to others, so why not share them with you. If these are already on your book shelf, now is the time to start reading. But, if you haven’t got them yet, you can either place an order on Amazon or get the Kindle copy immediately. If you're a Bibliophile like me and would like to know what other books I have read, please join the KO Members Only Area and get access to the I Read Book List. I'd also love you to let me know if you choose to read any of these books, but also leave a comment with books you suggest that I add to my list. I use the Goodreads app and my list of "To Read" books list grows every day.

Be Inspired!

Stay healthy, stay well, stay educated and spread love!

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