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How To Write A Book

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Now Is The Time To Write Your Book

The Kayisha Thomas Author Library

So, it's the first day of 2022, and a lot of people have 'Write a book' on their list of New Year Resolutions. Every year since I published my first book, I have been asked for tips in some way, shape or form. People have also been asking me if I'm going to start writing a new book. Actually, in December, I was asked multiple times. At this moment in time, my answer is a steady NO! I'm so busy!

February 2019, Valentines Day to be precise, I released my latest baby; Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is. It's my first children's book, and to be honest, it was harder to release a children's book than it was my adult faith and inspiration/ purpose books. I'm an old foggie now (I turn 32 in exactly two months), and the pre-teens are a completely different generation and audience to reach and please.

Although Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is was a number 3 UK eBook bestseller on Amazon during the UK Black History Month 2019 and 2020, I've got a lot of work to do. Even though it was featured on UCB radio, I appeared on a Haitian TV network whilst I was in Florida, and did an interview about the Kayisha Online Empire, which it is a part of; I still need more for it to have the success I want.

I have a Zurie and Zaria instagram account, We Know What Love Is t-shirts in the Sophisticated K Tees Collection, I have a trailer and so much more, but I like I said... "I still need more for it to have the success that I want." Because of that, I want to focus, and give more attention to Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is. It really is my baby and just like a baby needs TLC, love and affection, late night cuddles and all sorts from its mum; I need to do more of that for my baby, but also for my other books.

They have all had their own individual levels of success. I have gotten Measures Of Purpose In Life into the hands of some amazing people - Real Talk Kim, Antar Muhammed (The Armour Bearer for Bishop TD Jakes) and the Ex-Pastor of a major church in Florida (Real Life). It was also number 1 in Germany during Easter 2017. I dreamed of that day and all I could do was give God thanks. It was literally the best Easter present ever! I have had great reviews for Ounce Of Faith and Inspiration, I have had book signing and book reading events that literally blessed my soul. Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration has also been placed in the hands of amazing people, Pastors, Public Speakers and I released the Black And White Edition in August 2018. I have done speaking engagements, and one in particular where I released Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration to show the audience what stepping out in faith and trusting God looks like. I have done quite a lot, but like I said, I'm going to use this time to do more. But with that being said, I want to encourage you to use this time to write your book.

Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration Black And White Edition

The time to put your Author hat on is NOW! Nothing is impossible, you are unstoppable so don't doubt yourself! It's 2022.

Here are 26 tips:-


2. Have a plan for your book. Know what content you want to include, what will the chapters be for example and will it be illustrated.

3. Make notes. Keep a note book with you at all times. (I used the notes app on my phone and post it notes for a lot of my books). Ideas can come when you're sleeping (I've jumped out of my sleep several times), so keep pen and paper handy.

4. Create a writing schedule and hold yourself accountable. Tell your closest family members so they can encourage you to go through with it.

5. Put reminders in your phone so you never miss a writing slot. Each day counts and each day that you write, you could be adding pages and thousands of words to your book, so be committed to not missing a day.

6. When an idea comes to mind, write it down straight away. Forgetfulness is evil, especially when you get a great idea and then it's just gone. You may not use that specific note, but it could inspire another idea or could help you develop another part of the book. So don't count out any ideas.

7. Realise how much the words you put on paper can give your readers hope and joy. That should be enough motivation to keep going.

8. Understand the responsibility and impact that not sharing your words will have on the world. There are people that need to read what you have to say. No matter how much people have written on the same topic, your words and your voice can change a persons life and in turn the world.

9. Ask for help if you need it. Don't be afraid to seek assistance. Do you need help with the cover design, template development etc; get the help you need.

10. Work out what size you want your book to be and download a template. This will help you with the structure of your book as you type. This will also help you decide whether you just want an ebook, or if you also want a paperback or hardback edition.

11. Pray about your release and all of the things you are dreaming it will be.

12. Visualise what your release will be like, write down all of the creative ideas you get, the colour scheme, and the decorations for your release party.

13. Invest in yourself and your book. Get a cover designer, work with a great Artist; there are so much out there promoting what they do on Instagram. I connected with an Artist in California whilst in the UK to do the cover for Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is. I couldn't have brought Zurie and Zaria to life without her.

14. Hire an Editor. When you have finished writing, hire an Editor. You want to put forward the best final product.

15. Stay organised. If you are writing on paper, keep your sheets in order, keep your books safe and return them to a drawer when you're done for the day. Treat your transcript as if it were a gold bullion. Put it away for safe keeping.

16. If you are writing on a laptop or PC, make sure you save regularly and have a backup of the file on a memory card/ memory stick or separate hard drive.

17. Have a clean and clear environment as you write. Chaos and untidiness can cloud your mind and distract you. I needed my environment to have a sweet sensual fragrance (I'm really big on smells) so my automatic air freshener was constantly going off.

18. Don't listen to the naysayers. Some people will be supportive but others will have negative things to say and it is crucial for your success that you don't take heed. In one ear and out the other type thing.

19. Start building your social media following. It's important to have an audience. I think my following could have been bigger, but hey I still released my books.

20. See your name, book title and book cover in the bestsellers list. You have to see what you want to be true and do the work to make it happen.

21. Introduce daily positive affirmations to your life. Start telling yourself that you are amazing, you can do it, you can write this book, you can be a Published Author and you can be successful.

22. Keep a positive mind at all times. You need to have mental clarity so you can download new ideas.

23. Look back at the progress you have made. Celebrate your success and then keep going.

24. Make sure you are eating healthily to feed your brain and drinking water to stay hydrated. Your health is very important as you create.

25. Your health whilst you write is crucial, like I just said above. Make sure you are exercising and sleeping well so the final product that you produce is of great quality.

26. And last but not least, 26 is my favourite number and this one is important. DO NOT GIVE UP!


Let me know if the tips helped and I wish you all the best with your Author life.

My books:- Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration, Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration, Measures Of Purpose In Life and Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is are available on Kayisha Online, Kindle and Amazon. Order Your Copy Today!

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