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It's Black History Month

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

It's Black history Month In The UK

Black History Month in the UK or USA has always been something I have looked forward to. Since I was in high school, I loved the assemblies the students put on and was always proud of what we were able to create at such a young age. Now that I have matured and grown in knowledge of my history, my heritage and my culture, I make a conscious effort throughout the year to use my platform, my reach and any opportunity I have to educate and inform people of the Black, Caribbean and African culture. I love my culture and even though I am positively intrigued by the other cultures of the world, there isn't another one I would rather embrace and call my own. I love being Afro-Caribbean so much. I hold a strong belief that we should never wait until the scheduled times throughout the year to celebrate things, to love on people, to inspire or to uplift someone. Because of that, we should be encouraging people to increase their knowledge on Black History all year long, however if that isn't done, it is great that we have a whole 31 days so we can put a spotlight on all that is great and credible about the Black, Caribbean and African culture.

Throughout the years, a lot of dark and negative things have happened to people of colour; unfair, unjust, discriminatory, hateful and cold things. It's unfortunate that I even have to mention that, but when we shine a light on all the good things that we do, all the incredible things we have done, what we have achieved and how we have impacted the world through our passions, talents and our loving hearts; we hope to soften the hearts of those who appear to have stones in place of a beating organ. Black, Caribbean and African people are caring, passionate, talented, skillful, charitable, intelligent, creative, innovative, loving, athletic, artistic and the list goes on. Black History Month give us a chance to put all of that on display in one way or another. We should never let this opportunity pass us by.

Regardless of what is going on in the world, Black History Month comes around, and for me, I celebrate twice. Once in February (my favourite month) with the USA and once in October with the UK. This gives us a chance to use the above listed characteristics and talents to further show the world that we are in fact outstanding people who also have blood that bleeds red. We get a chance to show that we too have emotions, we have a soul, we are human, and we deserve to be treated as such. We work just as hard as the next person (our White, Asian and Latino counterparts). We put our all into everything we do; our education, our career, our entrepreneurship and we should have just as much opportunities to be great, to be admired and to be awarded for our contributions to the development of the world.

Black History Month in my opinion is about looking back at all that our foreparents accomplished, so that we can be inspired and motivated to continue on the path of being exceptional human beings. It's so that we can be reminded that our future is bright and the victory is ours if we walk the journey with faith and positivity. Black History Month shows us that with love and unity, the Black culture CANNOT fail. It is a celebration of US and this year the UK theme is Proud To Be Black and I hope we continue to be Proud Of Who We Are.

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