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Can you have too much sunglasses

Any Such Thing As Too Much Sunglasses?!?

Sparks Sunglasses has been a part of the Kayisha Online Empire since the 19th May 2019. Just over a year now and everything is going well. It's a great addition to the family and so much people have already been added to the Sparks Family. When I tell you that it's a beautiful occasion every time someone places an order or two. it's a celebration. And I say order or two because, it's only been a year and we've already had repeat customers. Anyway, someone recently asked if you can ever have too much sunglasses, and as an official sunglasses lover, I can proudly say that you can NEVER have too much! I have been collecting sunglasses since I was a teenager in high school. Sadly, back in the day I used to be so generous, I'd lend them to people, but unfortunately I never got them back. That hurts because each pair that becomes a part of my personal collection was chosen for a specific reason. Each pair is connected to a time and a place (London, Ft Lauderdale, Orlando etc). I choose each pair of sunglasses because they reflect my love for style and sunglasses; so losing them is like losing a piece of me. You might say that sounds dramatic, but I'm a real Sunglasses Lover.

Sparks Sunglasses can help you do a lot of finding:-

1. Find the shape to fit the silhouette of your face

2. Find the colours to match your chosen outfit of the day

3. Find tints and shades to fit your mood

4. Find the ones that are the most comfortable for you.

5. Find the style to suit the occasion

And the list goes on...

Basically, to answer the question is... You can never have too much sunglasses in your home collection and that is why Sparks Sunglasses are here to help. Come rain or shine, winter, spring, summer or fall all you have to do is call or just visit our website and place an order. With speedy delivery, you don't have to settle for a pair that don't match the outfit you have in mind. We will get them to you just in time.

And because it's July and I'm feeling joyfully generous, I'm giving 6/7 people items from a TED BAKER Beauty set with each order from the Summer Vybz Sparks Sunglasses Collection. Some people might get 1/2 pieces. But make sure you place your order today, otherwise you will miss out on these complimentary items. When they're gone, they're gone! Who knows when I'll be feeling generous again LOL!

Head over to Sparks Sunglasses to check out the Summer Vybz Collection. Follow Sparks on Instagram and/or Facebook @SparksSunglasses oh and you can subscribe to the YouTube channel - Sparks Sunglasses for videos. That way you can see what is going on behind the scenes.

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