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Black History Month Book Giveaway

I Have Something For You For Black History Month

It’s Black History Month in the UK and for a couple of years I produced creative videos on my YouTube channel, to celebrate and educate the masses. But hold up, wait a minute, because last year I did something a little different. Change is good, so following the release of my children’s book, Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is on February 14th 2019, I decided that I would make the ebook copy FREE for Black History Month 2019. It was FREE for just a few days but it did tremendously well, and made it to the number 3 spot on the Amazon bestsellers list. When I tell you I was over the moon, I was over the moon!

With the way the world is going, and the current state were living through; it’s more important now than ever before to know what love is. It’s important that you love yourself and you love others (some people are fighting battles that you have no idea about, and all they need is a little love). And guess what, that’s exactly what Zurie and Zaria learn all in one day. As 11 year old twins, they not only start high school together, they also go on a journey to find love and they’re inviting you to join them.

So, this is a flash ebook giveaway, it will only be FREE until Friday 16th October 2020, so download it now from Amazon, get the Kindle app if you havent got a Kindle Fire device and take a selfie with the ebook cover showing, tag @ZurieandZaria on Instagram so they can see that you’ve got your copy. Trust me, they can’t wait to see your photos.

Includes an "I Love You" lesson in different languages

Before I go, can I ask you to leave a review on amazon with your thoughts of the book. It will help and encourage other people to get their copy and ultimately spread more love around the world. You must agree that what the world needs now, is love sweet love like Anita Baker said.

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