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I Read Books List

Below is an extensive list of books that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed. It will grow as I continue to read, and add more books to my "to read list". A new book is added to said list quicker than I can complete one book, so check back often, and encourage your friends and family to look. The gains from reading are huge, so my only hope is that you are as uplifted, inspired, motivated, encouraged and empowered to be a better person by the words, notions, perspectives, stories and philosophies in each book as I have been. I would love to hear your feedback on the books you choose to read, so fill in the form below to let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for joining me in my love of reading!

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"Invest in your mind; it's a powerful thing that houses the thoughts that lead you to take the first step towards your dream."

Kayisha Thomas - Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration

Let the journey with life changing books begin!

"The results you get in life depend on the way you live your life. Live as kings and queens and you'll get royal rewards."

Kayisha Thomas - Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration

"Walk with power, strength, boldness and confidence; you are walking into your destiny after all."

Kayisha Thomas - Measures Of Purpose In Life

"The choice to love is the best decision you could ever make."

Kayisha Thomas - Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is

More powerful books will be added soon,
so check back often.

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