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All Things Kayisha

Kayisha Online is home to All Things Kayisha Thomas- the 5x UK Published Author

She's an Entrepreneur, YouTube Personality, Photographer, Fashion Designer and Public Speaker; 

serving you in HEALTH, FASHION, FAITH, & LITERATURE. Be Inspired!

K London

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Weekly video about natural hair, healthy eating, Caribbean culture, fashion, family and travel vlogs, life experiences and much more. 
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Sophisticated K Clothing

T-shirts that please the sophisticated dresser in you
A unique, urban and very creative clothing line, made up of uplifting t-shirt collections. Shop on the Teespring store for items that please the sophisticated dresser in you.

Perfectly Captured Beauty Photography

Bringing beauty to the 
world through photography
Capturing your beauty perfectly includes working with models, music industry faces, fashion designers, children and families; to make memories last forever.


Trendy - Stylish - Fashion
Smile in your Sparks Sunglasses
A trendy, stylish and fashionable sunglasses collection. Not only will you travel in style wearing Sparks Sunglasses, they protect your eyes and make you smile.