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24. It has been 2 wonderful years since Kayisha Thomas released her very first book, Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration. It was published on November 24th 2016 and to celebrate the journey and mark the day, Kayisha has released a book reading video on the Kayisha Online YouTube channel. Let's Heal The World with love and care. Check it out, share it and leave a comment.

22. As the countdown to the release of Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration Black And White Edition approaches, Kayisha dropped the official trailer video on the Kayisha Online YouTube channel. She got really creative in the editing process and decided to go all out in the black and white theme of the book. Who likes #MichaelJackson?? By the way, she also took it back to the 1900's. Check it out and make sure you leave a comment, like, subscribe, share and order your copy of Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration Black And White Edition. Release date: 17/08/18

20. The I Am... t-shirt collection by Sophisticated K is OUT NOW! Young or old, male or female; it's time to promote that you are a King, Queen and Diamond. You have the bloodline of royalty, so know that you are the child of a King and rock that statement on your chest. I Am.... t-shirts now available on the Sophisticated K Big Cartel store. Get Yours Today!

18. Today, Tuesday 26th February 2018 is a very special day. As I write this, I'm glowing because I'm celebrating my birthday (photos to the left), which is always a very special day for me. But at the same time, I over the moon because my NEW book, Measures Of Purpose In Life (photos on the right) has been released and I'm a 3x Published Author. This is truly a beautiful day, oh and it's snowing. It's never snowed on my birthday! Get your copy of Measures Of Purpose In Life on Kindle today.

16. Time flies when you're enjoying your Author Life and Kayisha is certainly enjoying hers. So much so, that she is giving you a chance to join her for the Meet Kayisha Faith And Inspiration Meet-up; a meet and greet, book signing, book reading and vibrant event in Nottingham. She's celebrating 1 year of the release of Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration. Kayisha can't wait to meet you, so accept the invitation and register for your FREE ticket on Eventbrite. December 2nd 2017 2:30 - 4:30pm @ 90 Brooklyn Road, Our Lady Community Hall. Bring a friend and I'll see you there! Kayisha says.

14. Kayisha is extremely excited about the release of her second book, Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration, which is now available to pre-order on Kindle. It will be released worldwide at midnight on 07/07/17 and it's for all of her e-book lovers. Turning the physical pages is like nothing else, but its also cool to turn the digital pages, so pre-order your copy and join the countdown with Kayisha.

12. Kayisha has been invited to speak at the New Testament Church Of God Step Out In Faith Conference in High Wycombe, UK. She is very excited to share her journey of faith with the audience (men, women and youth), she is very passionate about being a inspiration, sharing the power of God and encouraging people to go after their God given dreams. You are more than welcome to attend the conference on Saturday 20th May 2017 9:30am - 15:00pm @ The Hub Union, Baptism Church.

10. Following the success of Kayisha's very first public appearance, first book signing and first event as an entrepreneur, she is returning to London on April 21st 2017 for her first book reading. Don't miss your chance to meet Kayisha, have her read to you, take a photo, ask her questions and sign your copy of her book. Register for your FREE ticket on Eventbrite, Kayisha looks forward to reading to you.

8. On Thursday 9th February 2017, Kayisha appeared LIVE on MajesticRadio.co.uk to speak about her book, Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration. She invited listeners to her book signing event and got the opportunity to share her journey of faith with the world. If you didn't get to tune in LIVE on the night, fear not. Kayisha recorded her first of many interviews. Check it out, share and leave a comment.

6. Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration, the book penned and published by Kayisha Thomas/ Kayisha Online Publications is now available to purchase on both Amazon worldwide, Kindle and on this website - KayishaOnline.com. It became available on the morning of Thursday 24th November 2016 (Thanksgiving Day). Kayisha says "This book is a Life Changer". Stay tuned for book signings, book readings, Meet The Author events and so much more.

4. The Sophisticated K Success Without Excuse T-shirt Collection is now available, and just in time for the start of the year 2017. People procrastinate about taking steps in life that will move them forward, and Kayisha wants to inspire you to succeed without making any excuses. No more getting in your own way. Tear down the walls and choose from 12 bold words to wear on your chest. Place your order and begin your walk in success today. SK Clothing Store.

2. The Sophisticated K Dance competition was a chance for people all over the world to showcase their and it was an opportunity for Kayisha aka Sophisticated K to shine a light on a very talented and deserving dance. The competition came to an end, and the winner was selected. It wasn't an easy decision, but the prize went to Samuel aka Gbeke Dance from Ghana. Watch his video now. Gbeke SK Dance Competition Winner Video

23. It's August 17th 2018, I woke up this morning and I'm so EXCITED! I'm also grateful because the Black And White Edition of my baby, my debut book, Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration is available on Amazon and Kayisha Online RIGHT NOW! Thank you to everyone that pre-ordered their copy. Get your copy and be blessed and inspired to greatness.

21. Kayisha Online aka PCBphotography was front and centre, capturing the beautiful models ever so perfectly on Sat June 2nd 2018. Sisters In Power presented Orlando Florida with The Fashion Show; a classy, urban, entertaining, upbeat, yet elegant runway show.  Kayisha was privileged to work with and capture the models during their weekly rehearsals, but the big day was exceptional and very captivating with performances by Amara Le Negra and underground artists. Find photos on Instagram @PCBphotography. The Sophisticated K vlog is on YouTube. #SistersInPower 

19. It is an absolute blessing and a pleasure to share that Kayisha's NEW ebook, Measures Of Purpose in Life is currently no:5 on Amazon.com in the Women & Business category. It's FREE as a gift from Kayisha for the Easter period, so download your copy and let it help you find your PURPOSE! Measures Of Purpose In Life by Kayisha Thomas on Amazon Kindle. Get Your FREE Copy!

17. February is a special time of year for Kayisha. Not only is it always a Fantastic February, it's Kayisha's birthday month. This February is a little more special than previous, because Kayisha is releasing her 3rd published book. Measures Of Purpose In Life is an eBook that will guide you to finding the treasure within, your purpose and your reason. She shares personal stories, advice and key points to move you towards your destiny. Measures Of Purpose In Life is available for pre-order and will be released on Monday 26th February 2018. Head over to Amazon .com or .co.uk, .ca or .eu to pre-order your copy. GET YOUR COPY TODAY!

15. Enter To WIN the Kayisha Online - Faith And Inspiration Giveaway. Kayisha appreciates the support she has received and wants to give back. There will be one winner who will get a signed copy of Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration or Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration. To enter you must draw what faith/ inspiration looks like to you. Entries must be posted on Instagram @Kayishaonline must be tagged in your drawing and captioned #FaithAndInspiration. The deadline is  Sunday 13th August 2017 at 6pm UK time/ GMT.  Kayisha can't wait to see your drawings. Good Luck!! To see the winner, click the link to view the Instagram photo Faith And Inspiration Competition Winner

13. We are so absolutely happy to announce the release of Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration, Kayisha's second published book. It was published on May 4th 2017 and debuted at the Step Out In Faith conference that Kayisha spoke at on May 20th 2017, in High Wycombe, UK. All books were sold during the event but 2, so now it's available worldwide. That means you can get your copy on Amazon or the Book Store page of Kayisha Online (this website). Receive the quotes of faith and inspiration.

11. We're so pleased to announce the launch of the Kayisha Online Podcasts and the Be Inspired Episodes. A short series of podcasts will be available to play and be enjoyed on iTunes the purple Podcast app for iOS users, PodOmatic - the blue PodOmatic app for Android users. New Be Inspired Episodes will be available 3-4 times over the next few months, so subscribe today and get notifications. Then don't forget to share, rate and review so iTunes and Kayisha know just how much you enjoy each episode.

9. The Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration book signing video is on the Kayisha Online YouTube channel. The first stop of the Meet Kayisha Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration Tour went extremely well and I'm grateful for everyone that purchased their copy on Amazon.co.uk and came to get it signed. Thank you to everyone that purchased it on the day, took photos with me and blessed my soul. Friday 24th February 2017 was just the start. This book is a life changer and the next stop is being planned. Stay tuned for more event details.

7. Kayisha is so excited to announce that she will be going on a Meet The Author, Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration Tour. The first stop is London and the date, which will be in February 2017 will be shared very soon. Visit Kayisha Online often to get updates and join the Kayisha Online mailing list, so events, opportunities and updates can be sent straight to your inbox. Never Miss A Thing!

5. Natural hair is magnificent and comes in all forms (curl patterns, textures etc). PCBphotography is delighted to bring natural beauty to the world through photography with the PCB Natural Hair Is... Project. This is an ongoing project to give Naturalistas a chance to express what "natural hair is" to them, whilst capturing their beauty for the world to see. Photo shoots took place in the UK and Florida, USA during the summer of 2016. Contact us for details if you'd like to share your natural hair with the world and check out our first, second and third photo shoot video. More PCB Natural Hair videos coming soon!

3. The Sophisticated K YouTube channel is a lifestyle channel, full of videos relating to healthy eating, natural hair, fashion, travel, family and friends, challenges, happy times and so much more. But in one video, Kayisha sums it all up. Through spoken word, she speaks to your heart and mind and uplifts your body and soul. Check it out and don't forget to like, subscribe, share and comment.

1. The SK Fruits Of The Spirit T-shirt Collection is taking the world by storm this Summer. People in the United Kingdom, Europe (France, Belgium) and the United States of America are rocking their Fruits Of The Spirit t-shirt. Six bright. bold and colourful illustrations are available to choose from, so place your order today, and walk in faith; with patience, joy, love, peace and not by sight. SK Clothing Store