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As if I wasn’t doing enough already, on Thursday 31st December 2020, myself and my sister took a leap of faith and setup our first EVER, joint venture. We created a brand called Sistas Fitness, and decided that we were not going to let the New Year start without taking steps to make the idea that we had been discussing for a while, a reality. Several hours before the clock struck 12 and we said Happy New Year over a bottle of Asti Martini, we created a brand that we were passionate about.

Way back in 2007/8, we armed ourselves with a David Lloyd's gym membership, and a few times a week we used to leave home, walk to the gym, do an intense workout and then walk back home. In 2009 when we moved from our long time home in London to Central Florida, USA, we were 19 and 22 years old. This time we were privileged enough to have a gym in our vicinity, so here's what we did. A few times a week, we used to leave home, ride a bike to the gym in 101 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity, do an intense workout and then ride the bike back home - this time up steep hills. We've always been committed to our health and fitness and now that were both in our 30’s and still fit and healthy, it’s something that we’re glad we were committed to decades ago. Oh my goodness, I just made myself feel old, extremely old.

I kind of consider myself a “health freak”. Not only do I have serious allergies that really limit the types of foods I can consume, I have been a Pescatarian since I was 4 years old (my lifestyle choice), I have OCD tendencies that I’m actually glad that I have, and I workout in some form daily; my overall health and fitness is very important to me. And that’s why I’m glad we took this step together. Not only does it allow me to hold myself and my big sister accountable, it allows me to be an inspiration to others. I get the opportunity to provide fitness motivation, to create content that encourages you to get up and move your body and provide merchandise/ products to help you do it in a comfortable and stylish way.

Our amazing logo was designed by @Reecie.Mcal on Instagram. She’s a young and very talented Artist based in London, UK. We gave her a concept and she came back with a piece of art that literally blew us away. We were very pleased, so pleased in fact, we got straight to work designing our first t-shirts and hoodies. We've done cute photoshoots in our gear, and were so excited to see “Sistas” and "Brothas" all over the world rocking their t-shirts and getting fit with us. That is our ultimate goal, because life is for living and the best way to do it is with optimum health. But wait, get this, no one is left out, we welcome you to the family - male or female. Brothas and Sistas!!

If you make exercise, sleep, water and a healthy diet a part of your life on a daily basis, there will be no need for you to see a doctor, or for you to need assistance from the Pharmaceutical industry. We are only in the beginning stages, we have so much plans and ideas that we are working on behind the scenes, but for now, follow us on Instagram @JustSistasFitness, and like I said before we're not just for the sistas, brothas can join us too... Let's get fit.

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