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Can You Name 5 Books That Changed Your Life

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

These Books Changed My Life!

I am an avid reader. I get lost in books, but also found. I see the importance in books and thank God for the power of words. I have a list of books that I need to read, books that people have recommended but also books that I have come across and just thought "I have to read that one day." I'm currently doing the Goodreads Reading Challenge, and by that I mean I set myself a goal in January 2018. I told myself, my family, the Sophisticated K Krew and my Goodreads followers that I am going to read 12 books in 2018. Were approaching the end of July and I'm about to finish my 7th book, so I'm on track. See the books I've read so far in my latest Instagram photo @KayishaOnline.

My mum always tells me and others that I never went to bed at night without reading a book as a child. I remember that to be true, and I am so grateful for that truth. That routine has brought me to where I am today, a Published Author of soon to be 4 books. The books I have written have changed my life, but the books I have read have done the same.

These Books Changed My Life:-

One For Me, One For You by Rita Phillips Mitchell

I was 6/7 years old when I bought this book at a book sale in my primary school. It excited my senses. I saw little girls who looked just like me, my sisters and my best-friend, Martina and it gave me life. I enjoyed the images, the comedy, their cheeky characters and the mischief they got up to. It made me want to climb a mango tree (I love mangoes), but it also made me want to write a book. I still have my tatty, loose paged copy of the book and because I loved it so much, I got a copy for my God daughter back in 2014. I felt like it impacted my life so much, I had to pass it on. I was so entertained by this book, I feel like if I read it again today, I would enjoy it just as much as I did 20+ years ago.

The Holy Bible

I am and will be eternally changed by the Holy Bible. It is a major part of my life. It is a part of who I am as a child of God, a born again Christian, daughter, sister, friend, business woman, colleague, neighbour etc. Whether I hold my printed Bible in my hands or I read it on my phone or my tablet, the impact is the same. God is speaking to me, guiding me, inspiring me, lifting me up, pouring into me and reminding me of how loved and powerful I am. The Holy Bible is the no 1 bestselling book of all time. Over 5 million copies and counting (of course) have been purchased and that's a testament of its greatness. I will never regret the day I picked up a Bible and started reading Genesis. I was gifted a little red New Testament Bible in an assembly in high school and reading that was a blessing. My eyes were opened, I was forming a relationship with Jesus and that's something I cherish.

Love & Respect by Dr Emerson Eggerichs

Love and Respect. WOW! Whilst reading this book my mind was forever changed. I learnt so much and really appreciated it. The advice is based on and geared to married couples and when I started putting things in place in my relationship I saw and felt improvements. As a result of the teachings, my behaviour/reactions, attitude and perspective changed and it had an impact (my relationship is stronger and full of love and respect). It helped me with my how I conducted myself with my siblings too. I'm by no means a Marriage Counsellor, but it even allowed me to give a married couple advice and it saved their marriage. When we understand the power of love and respect and the need we have for them/ how to give them; life changes.

Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration by Kayisha Thomas

This is my first published book. Writing it changed my life, publishing it and sharing it with others has literally changed my life and reading it, although it makes me slightly emotional when it clicks that I wrote it, it speaks to my heart and continues to inspire me. This book has made me a better person, it's made me a mother to many, it gave me a title to be proud of, but it also showed me that God wanted to use me for good in this world. I get to hear first hand the good its doing when people give me feedback and leave reviews and that tends to make me cry. I am forever changed as a human being, a woman, a child of God, a business woman and an Author. I recently decided to do a second edition of it and I'm so grateful that it's worthy of having another edition. Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration Black And White Edition is available for Pre-order before August 17th 2018.

Last but not least.

Angel Armies by Tim Sheets

Whilst reading this book my prayer life changed. I didn't wait until I finished it; there was no time like the present. My knowledge of Heaven and Earth was extended, the words of my mouth and the thoughts in my mind will forever be in line with the word of God, in order to activate the angels that know my prothesis and come down from Heaven on an assignment for me. Negative thoughts come to mind because were human, but I rebuke them immediately and change my trail of thoughts. I feel more covered and protected more than ever before. I know how to call and activate angels and in doing that I believe an angel saved my life on June 15th 2018.

Watch the Story time video on the K London YouTube channel.

My Life Has Been Changed!

If this blog is the longest thing you've read in months and years, I would recommend that you start reading more books. This recommendation is not just because it is my book, but because its a soft and gentle read. It will build your faith, but it will also build your confidence, self esteem, self love and relationship with others. Get your copy of Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration.

Watch the video below to get a few teaspoons of inspiration from Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration.

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Have a blessed day!


KO ⭐❤⭐

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