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I'm not a high maintenance type of girl, but I do like good, top quality products. When you work hard for your money, you want high grade, excellent produce; so that's what I'll be recommending for you. The items will fit into a variety of categories, so check back often to see what the latest KO Top Picks are.

As a Business Woman, I'm always charging things on the go; my phone, camera, tablet and even my Fitbit. This car charger is the best one I have ever had. It charges quickly and it has 2 USB ports.

I'm a long standing YouTuber with a lot of my videos being based in the car as I travel. This is a very sturdy, thick and strong camera mount. I have used it in the UK and Florida where it's over 101F and the suction has NEVER failed.

I'm a Marley fan (music, wisdom and Marley products). The Smile Jamaica headphones are amazing. I lent my in-ear headphones to someone and they lost them. I replaced them with these wireless headphones and WOW is all I can say!


My hair is natural, so protecting my hair as I sleep is important. It's so soft and silky, yet it NEVER comes off and I twist and turn at night. I have 2 so I can alternate and use one whilst the other is being washed. Get this Satin Bonnet from anywhere you like, Black hair shops especially, but this is the brand that I use. 

These cotton gloves are absolutely fantastic for moisturising your hands as you sleep. I over cream my hands before I go to bed, wake up in the morning and my hands are soft. Self-care is imperative, so look after your skin. It's great for Ezcema and my hands are small but they fit well and stay on all night.


Comfortable shoes and sneakers are an absolute priority for me. Sometimes I think my feet don't like footwear, but these cushioned insoles changed the game. The men's ones were large enough for me to cut out perfectly. They are AMAZING!

My life wouldn't be complete if I couldn't have fruit infused water every day. This water bottle makes it possible for me to have lemon and ginger chunks, or strawberries in my water. Oh and I got it personalised with my name.


I'm heavy on fitness and being healthy. This is the newest addition to my workout regime and I love it. It's an electrical counting jump rope. Use 

indoors with balls or outdoors with rope. It's perfect for my HIIT workout goals.

I've wanted this camera for years, but remained loyal to Sony. It's a great addition to my photography equipment and to my YouTube vlogging life. The quality is top grade for photos and videos and I love the adjustable LCD screen. It's  up'd my game and changed my life.

I'm an avid reader. I read 12 books a year. This  was my 12th book in 2020. It was the perfect book to close the year with, especially after all that we'd been through. God has plans for you, He's not done with you yet. Crushing makes wine.

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