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About Kayisha


Kayisha, a Published Author, successful female Photographer, growing YouTuber, Fashion Designer and Motivational Speaker was born and raised in London UK, not too far from the famous Wembley Stadium/ Arena. Kayisha grew up suffering with mild Eczema and extensive allergies. As a result of regular flare-ups and severe itching and irritation, her mum and dad had to pay strict attention to all ingredients in the food she ate.  She soon learnt to take responsibility of her diet and began researching all food items. That led her to make her own food and drink from scratch and ultimately inspiring her friends and family to live a healthy lifestyle. Following the successful completion of a "WJEC Home Economic - Food and Nutrition" and "CIEH Food Safety in Catering" course, she is well qualified and experienced in this arena. She now creates videos and deliciously healthy recipes for her YouTube channel, so she isn't just sharing her passion for health with her nearest and dearest, but also with the world. Subscribe to SophisticatedK K on YouTube. 

Over the years, Kayisha embraced the fact that fashion is powerful. She always puts together creative outfits; especially for her birthdays and other special occasions and always makes a conscious effort to match from head to toe. As a Fashionista, she loved that fashion is able to communicate bold statements, change the world and as a result, started creating her own garments. As well as that, she wasn't always pleased with the illustrations on t-shirts in store and had to do something about it. The Sophisticated K Clothing Collection started with baby clothes (onsies/ vests), but she soon released t-shirts for men, women, teens and children that campaigned, inspire and uplift. Each Sophisticated K T-shirt Collection is available for purchase on the Big Cartel store and definitely has a purpose.


Kayisha's journey of faith started when she was a child, frequently attending Sunday school and remembers being able to recite the Old Testament books in order. At the age of 21. Kayisha got baptised along with her two sisters (younger and older sister), it was a very joyous occasion for her parents and one she will never forget. In fact, she sees the day as a second birthday (reborn). Kayisha uses her faith to keep her going strong in all areas of life and is always happy to share and inspire others through faith.  She has experienced how faith can give you a vision for where you want to be compared to where you are now, and continues to build on it. Following these experiences,  she injects hope, faith and positivity into her work; photography, YouTube, Author life and clothing collection (All Things Kayisha).


The relationship with a camera started when she was just a baby. The difference between now and then is that she was in front of the camera, and now she is behind it. She gets a great deal of pleasure from capturing marvellous family moments, conducting photoshoots, supporting charities, completing projects and bringing beauty to the world through photography. The fact that her parents took so much photos of her (and her siblings growing up), then put a disposable camera, Polaroid and a digital compact camera in her hand; meant that she could continue to make memories last forever. Fortunately for the world, she self taught whilst in Florida, USA, then completed a "City & Guilds Photo Imaging and Image Capture" course and passed with flying colours. Now she is doing what she does best with Perfectly Captured Beauty Photography, which was established in 2011.


The art of writing has been a passion of Kayisha's from her childhood. She created her own little poetry book, and titled each poem and ode she wrote. A poem she will never cease from being able to recite, is the one she so rightly titled "My Name Is Kayisha..." She used to pen short and sweet stories and one day knew she would publish one. As she got older, her love for literature deepened; she took A Level English Literature and studied an array of award winning Writers (William Shakespeare, Seamus Heaney, E. M. Forster, Sylvia Plath, Thomas Hardy and Maya Angelou. In her late teens, she decided her next venture would be to write for magazines and that's one thing she didn't fail to do. Her writing was published in an AMSPAR Medical Exam Board magazine in 2009, on the Niemann-Pick Disease Group UK newsletter and she consistently writes blogs for both her photography blog and the recent addition, Kayisha Online blog. She is not a stranger to English Literature and Language, so it's no surprise that her second written book, but first book to be published became available on Thursday November 24th 2016. Kayisha is now the Published Author of two books because, Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration was released on May 14th 2017 and follows the trailblazing success of Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration.

Join Kayisha on this journey as a Published Author, with Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration and Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration. Books that she says will "Change your life!" Information about events, videos and updates can be found on the updates page.


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